Our Mission

Western Hills Church of Christ
is focused on being a church that creates disciples who live an abundant life
with Jesus,
in Community,
and on Mission.

with Jesus

Jesus is the centerpiece of everything we do at Western Hills. The Christian faith begins and ends with Jesus, and we work to ensure that everyone who comes to Western Hills is brought closer to Jesus.

in Community

We believe that to live the best life, we cannot do it alone. We love people and we believe that everyone is welcome in God's church, so here we do life together in community

on Mission

Jesus did not come to create churches where people sat on pews and did nothing else. Here at Western Hills, we want every person passionately living out Jesus' mission in their own lives through acts of love, service, and discipleship in every area of their lives.

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Confused with all the construction?

TxDOT is currently doing major construction in Temple very near our building. If you are feeling lost or just want to be safe, click or tap below for driving directions.

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Nursery (Newborn to Age 2): Room 103

Preschool (2’s, 3’s & 4’s Classes): Crew Area (Upstairs)

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade: Crew Area (Upstairs)



Route 456 (4th, 5th and 6th Grade): Route 456 Area (Upstairs)

WHY (7th-12th Grade): Loft (Upstairs)

Our LEadership Team Wants To Get To Know You!

Our elders and staff here at Western Hills is dedicated to connecting you with Jesus. They will do anything short of sin to bring you the gospel, and if you need anything just let them know. They are always a phone call or a few taps on a screen away.